A New Beginning

This blogging platform is now the new ‘It’ among seasoned bloggers, and I now count myself as one. Granted, getting 500 views on another platform does not, in any way, make me an expert, it does however; make me want to move to newer places with better prospects.

‘Life in Pakistan’ is written by a Pakistani teenage girl, who is naively, an advocate of world peace. She knows that there is no such thing as this dream of dreams, but what if, an unimportant blog chronicling the boring life of a Pakistani teen, might just bring together a few hundred people? 

All this girl wants is for all the other nations to know that her country is a beautiful and amazing one. Yes, the people are a little misled, but that does not mean that we are inhumane.

We are humans, we are Pakistanis, and we are forever. And these small efforts are in hope that we can have a new beginning and change the preconceived ideas people have of us.


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Linda says:

    I did not see your other blog but I commend you on your writing on this one. You are a very thoughtful young lady. Good luck, I hope to read more of your postings!

    • Thanks for the compliment Linda. It pleases me to know that someone from the other side of the world has taken the time to read and contemplate on the views of an average Pakistani. This has taken me a step closer to my ultimate objective!

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