Of Frenemies, America and Pakistan

I have a kill-list. It has about a hundred people on it. But on top is a 17-year old girl I have known well for 12 years. And yet, the moment I see her, I want to throttle her to death. Apart from the obvious legal and moral implications, there is another reason why I can’t kill her. She is my ‘frenemy ‘. 

 Wikipedia describes it as: Frenemy’ (alternately spelled ‘frienemy’) is a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy” that can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or someone who’s both a friend and a rival.”

 In my case, she is both an enemy AND a rival, disguised as a friend. I have to be friends with her because my other closest friends are friends with her. She is, unfortunately the final member of our 6-membered girl gang. She has forged a fake relationship with all of them. I know it’s fake, because I know that girl inside out. But she is ALWAYS venomous to me. The only time she has been civil, is if she wants something from me. But then again, I am the Queen of evil, because I take my time and strike in such a way that nobody ever finds out what bulldozed over them. 

So, we have survived this way for more than a decade. She gets on my nerves, I get on hers, our other friends pose as the peacemakers, and we apologize to each other for their sake, and live happily ever after. Until it all starts again. 

My family asks why I put up with her, the answer is simple, I NEED her, because I can’t lose my other friends because of her. And I don’t want to feel left out if I start avoiding her. She is an expert in manipulation, so I know that if I tell my friends to choose her or me, they WILL choose her because she will make up some fickle story about how I said something “scandalous” about each of them.

I was thinking about my own personal nightmare, when I stumbled upon an interesting connection. Aren’t Pakistan and America frenemies? They both don’t get along, and yet, they need each other. America wants Pakistan because of her strategic position, to eliminate ‘terrorists’ and as a bonus, get their hands on our military goodies. While Pakistan can not offend the world’s biggest superpower and as a consequence, be shunned by the rest of the world and not get ‘aid’ (money which is meant for the poor and displaced, but instead, disappears in a puff of smoke in the Bahamas and in Zurich).

 But here’s the deal: America is a viper, but Pakistan can be one too, if it wants to. America has the upper hand now because it does not hesitate to spread the ‘scandalous’ conspiracies that (allegedly) Pakistan is a part of.

Do you see the connection now?

Don’t get me wrong, I love America. If it weren’t for America, I would not have been blogging on this site while being connected to the internet through an American-made router, listening to Linkin Park through Grooveshark, on my Dell computer, while texting on my iPhone.

 It’s just that the Media, the respective governments, and other parties too controversial (yet real?) to discuss here, (I don’t want to be carried off blindfolded to God knows where they do the ‘rituals’) want the people to be at loggerheads with each other. Unlike people think, we do not condone terrorism, we hate the Taliban as much as the Americans do; we are not always coming up with ways to wipe America off the map.

 We have our own lives to live, just like you do.


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