Skeletons and Dirty Laundry

Every individual, every employee, every family, every company, every leader, every politician and every country has skeletons in their closets. Skeletons that have been rotting in those closets and gathering cobwebs for God knows how long, until one day, they are resurrected and decide to come out of hiding; dancing with glee, smiling like fiends, showing off their boney limbs and scary teeth.

A secret is like a slow poison. It eats away at your insides for so long. You know you are taking poison, but you don’t do anything about it. You have two options, either you make an uproar and start finding the culprit, but then all your secrets would come out. Or you wait for death.

 Most people would choose the second option, because no one wants to air their dirty laundry. Obviously when the culprit is found, he will tell his story. And everything you have done to him will come out. Or maybe it would be a loved one who was poisoning you, then what?

So what people do is quietly throw away the poisoned food, until the culprit would find another way to kill them. They would never face their fears and their secrets. The poison would keep eating them slowly from the inside until one day they will leave the burden for their next generation to shoulder.

In the end, secrets ALWAYS come out. Accidentally or deliberately, one day, you will spill your secret, but by then, it would have broken you and hurt others.


They’re all waiting to come out…

Secrets are, in my opinion, poison, double-edged swords, daggers and guns. They rip you apart before ripping apart your family and your life.

So, please air out your dirty laundry before it becomes putrid and suffocates you.


2 thoughts on “Skeletons and Dirty Laundry

  1. alienorajt says:

    I love the tautness of your style, and the lovely imagery; I also agree with your stance on this subject. Great stuff. Alienora

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