Of Old Enemies And Best Friends

It is surprising how you find friendship in the most unexpected of places. On a bus station, a public forum, in the market, on a plane, in another country, in a very younger or older person, in a mentor or a teacher. The list goes on and on. But it is the most surprising when you find friendship in your enemy. Yes it happens. I believe that the most beautiful of friendships are always borne of an enmity.

In every cliche romantic film or novel, the person the protagonist hates the most, gradually becomes his/her lover, soul mate and happily ever after. But what I’m talking about is strictly the type of platonic love shared by people who have a lot in common, but have enough differences required for an exciting relationship. In short, the best of friends.

I have had many friends who turned into my enemies. Yet I have only a few enemies who turned into friends. They are my real friends, my confidants, my real soul-mates.The people who will never judge me, who will always stick by my side. It is surprising how much you have in common with your enemy, once you sit down and talk with them, instead of thinking up plans to murder them.

 I say that former enemies make better friends because they know your weaknesses, and also because all the passion required to hate the other, gradually turns into the need to protect and help. Former enemies believe that only they have the right to exploit their friend’s weaknesses, so they eventually scare away all your other enemies. They no longer resent your flaws, they embrace them and try to bring out the better person in you. They will still fight like cats and dogs with you, but in the end you will laugh it off. Enemies always try to find the skeletons in your closet, and if you are lucky enough for that enemy to turn into a friend, that friend knows all your secrets, and he will help you keep them till the end.

Fortunately, many of my old enemies and rivals are now my friends. We have an inseparable bond. A bond where no words are required to express our sorrow, no thank-yous are required to express our gratitude, and no apologies are required to ask for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, not all of my enemies are now my friends, and I still have to watch my back. But there are others too who will watch it for me, if I am ever unable to.


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