Puppy Love

Infatuation, rejection, heartbreak. Rinse and repeat, rinse, repeat. A sweet-smelling shampoo that makes you smell good and softens your hair to perfection. But when it gets in your eyes, it stings like an agitated bumblebee.

Still, the younger generation of Pakistan is prone to fall in love, at least once, if not multiple times. It usually starts in grade 8 or 9, where a pretty and confident girl is usually the love of two or three boys. Then these boys fight for the lady’s hand, while the lady, usually likes a whole other beau. So the three naive boys feel rejected and heartbroken and their over dramatic lives are at an end.

Eighty percent of the time, the girl, who likes the rich and handsome boy, in turn gets rejected by Mr. Hot Shot and the vicious cycle continues. Finally, at the end of high school, either a guy has a steady girlfriend, or he has completely sworn off love. If you ask me, I would say the latter are better off.

Introverted, observant people like me, who are born cynics, sit back and enjoy the live, never-ending and free drama these young-uns provide. As Queen Bee (yes I was the local Regina George of my high school until junior year, when I gave up the title to be the behind-the-scenes Mafia boss), I have set up many people. These were my tiny snivelling guinea pigs and it was a joy to observe them with their serenading and wooing and covert glances under the eyelashes.

Alas, not one of my cute little guinea pig couples survived the test of time and over-protective brothers.

So my little darlings, now is not the time to fall in love, try to accumulate a few brain cells first; lest you decide to jump off the cliff of love without a parachute.


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