More About Me

Teenager. Student. Devours books. Loves to eat.

The color purple is a way of life. Black is love, black is sadness, black is joy; the color black is a philosophy in itself.

Wears glasses. Is ‘plus-size’. Has four siblings. Is the youngest. Has occasional bouts of hysteria. Throws objects. Yells.

Obsessively follows Hollywood TV series/films/celebrities. Writes. Wants to be a journalist. Works on oDesk. Sketches. Designs jewelry.

Rock is music, passion, lesson, story, moral. Linkin Park is immortal. Florence and the Machine were sent from God. Muse is my muse. Evanescence is under-rated.

Does not believe in ‘love at first sight’. Boyfriends are over-rated. Has never had one. Boys are better friends than girls.

Is a born Muslim. Does not observe hijab. Has a philosophical and logical view on religion. Is a feminist. Wants to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Does not tolerate people with loose characters. Hates liars. Thinks of pride as a good thing. Self-respect is the key to happiness. Thinks all Pakistani men are worthless (except a few exceptions).

Pakistani women are envious. Pakistani women are selfish. Pakistani women are the sole oppressors of other Pakistani women.

Raiha is an anomaly. Her name will one day be known all over the world, that is her promise…


27 thoughts on “More About Me

    • Maryam with all due respect, if all Pakistani homes were jannat then our country would not have been like it is now. It may seem like jannat to you, but ask those living on the inside.

      • Yes I’ve seen and met those women Maryam, but they are one in a million. Most are only loyal to their own selves and at the most, their childrens’. Even their husbands are considered as strangers who visit their rooms once in a while. And we both know that that is the truth, or close to it.

    • They are selfish in the sense that from the beginning the study for getting good rishtas, not for helping their country. Then they marry a rich person even if they have no feelings for them and no respect. They raise their children according to what society says and not what makes her child happy. Is that not selfishness?

      • well just as i say that there are some exceptions i am 22 years old living in happy family , have friends and a huge circle of ppl around ,me and my experiences says that from the beginning girls study to maintain their selves, this is not a thing that they raise their child what society says infact they want to make their child grown up in a way what is best for the child
        i am talking here especially about middle class

      • may be their were times when girls want to marry rich people but now girls want to marry the guys who are educated and respect them
        i think these are just wrong thoughts of guys that girls want to marry rich well this is not always true

      • You are very naive if you think that. In Pakistan girls don’t marry boys. A girl’s parents marry her off to the boy. And the parents always think of financial and social status. Yes trends are changing, but slowly. You must fall in the first category and you’re lucky. 80% of Pakistani girls are ‘given’ in arranged marriages to the highest bidder i.e. the richest.

      • Ofcourse but if a man has a Masters degree but he lives in a ramshackle house with no running water and indoor plumbing, would your mother marry you there?

      • trends are changing in Pakistan
        parents want their daughters to get married to well educated people
        Pakistan is not very so well rich country
        look at the economy of Pakistan now a days
        very few people are rich
        and yes parents see every thing when they get their daughters married and they must see so that got to know whether their daughter will adjust at their husband house or not

      • Yes the Pakistani economy is not doing well. I wonder why? Maybe because 55% of its population is busy making parathas at home?

        I live in Islamabad, and believe me, there are many rich people here. And by rich I don’t mean people who have mansions, I mean normal well-to-do suburban people.

        I would love to keep on doing this with you but unfortunately I have something better to do.

        Bye, it was nice debating with you 🙂

    • I will fulfil Quiad’s dream. Iqbal’s dream. An independent democratic nation for the Muslims, where people of other religions are welcome to live without discrimination. Where men and women will work side by side for the economic and social development of their country. There will be no honor killings, no forced marriages, no acid throwing.
      This is my vision, and I will plan my mission accordingly.

  1. Besides all this
    I just want to say
    look at the positive sides yar
    economy in Pakistan is going through very bad situations
    Pakistani families know that if they want to live in a better way then they have to make their children well educated whether they are girls or boys
    trends are changing
    Regarding marriages every parent want that their daughter will marry a nice person , a well educated one so that their daughters will not live not a life of suffering……… but this dont mean that they all want very rich families…… they want educated ones
    and regarding child hapiness ……… parents have more experince they want that their child will grow up in a way that would be the best for them

    • Like I said. I wonder why the economy is bad… We never look at the cause of things do we? But this is a long topic. Lets just say that you have your own thoughts and ideas, which are consequently the ones I’m trying to change, and I have my own 🙂

  2. well yes it is also nice debating with you 🙂
    and when i enter into Islamabad I always say to my family that it always look like we are out of Pakistan bcoz Isb is very well organized and rest of the cities of Pak are not like that
    if all city managemnt is like that of Isb that very much of our country will become beautifull

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