Amazing Pakistan – Three

Mai Pir, Ancient City of ‘Shehre-e-Roghan’ near Lasbella, Pakistan.

The Cave City Of Gondrani, The House Of Spirits, Mai Pir, all names of a single mystical place in the south of Pakistan, is one of the largest cave cities in the world.

There are thousands of cave houses carved into the rocks in about a 2 – 3 km wide radius. There are many legends and stories famous about this place. The most probable hypothesis about its origin is that it was made by Buddhist Monks as a monastery.

In Turkey and other European countries, such cave cities have been turned into million-dollar tourist attractions.

The sad part is that only a few Pakistanis, let alone the world, know about this ancient wonder!

Photo Credits: Shah Murad Aliani

Courtesy: Payaam Trust


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