A Pen And A Paper

Sometimes I feel like Jack Dawson. Well, a less-talented, less perverted, female version of him…

I can travel the world penniless, only with the clothes on my back and a pen and some papers.

I have never tried to draw with charcoal. I have never tried to draw a naked woman. Or man, for that matter.

My medium of choice is my simple sketch book, or a plain A4 sized paper. My art is usually done with a black felt-tip pen, or a ball-point, or a pencil. Nothing special.

My drawings are not detailed. I don’t have the patience to sketch and shade the angle of a nose just right. They’re more abstract. Simple. Meaningful.

Here are a few specimen, photographed badly. I and cameras just don’t get along, although that is another matter for another time.


A quick 15-minute ball-point pen drawing…


A woodland fairy, done on the backside of printed notes with an un-sharpened pencil.


Warrior. On a lined page torn out of a recycled-paper notebook.


The picture is a little blurry, but if you look closely you’ll be able to see the text on the the other side of the page. This is actually done on the back of my Physics exam question-paper. I finished early, this was the result!


Dance… Done at school with black marker and blue and red pens.


A view on society. Black marker and pen.


A reflection of my feelings on the day I made this. Again, three black pens and one marker…

And so when I view my drawings again, I feel ashamed to include myself under the header of ‘Artist’.

And judging by the picture quality, I certainly can not make it as a photographer either!

I believe my true calling lies in writing. To weave a web of words is my specialty. To paint a picture with letters and dots and commas is my art.

And I am content. I am an artist, my medium is paper. My pen is my sword. Sometimes I might draw with them, but words will always be my passion.


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