The Ultimate Question

I am so gay! No really, I am. I’m happy. Very happy. I had such a gay day at the orientation. My teachers were all so gay. I made such great new gay friends.

The meaning of gay I’ve grown up with is happy, so I made great new happy friends, not homosexual ones!

Also, I actually have no idea how to identify a gay guy in Pakistan, ever since the advent of ‘metrosexuality’.

I wanted to write all this stuff about being gay and happy and gay and sad, or not being gay at all (just fashionable) but thankfully another lady managed to cut down my work by writing this article in You Magazine, a (sad, small, neglected) newspaper segment for women that’s published every Tuesday.

Thankyou Miss Manal Faheem Khan (I hope I linked the right person), for voicing many of us modern Pakistani women’s thoughts:

It’s a man’s man’s world

I urge you all to please read it!


“Are you gay?”


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