And Then There Were Thirty

We were looking for a teacher. I and three of my friends. But my focus was over there.

In the middle of the grassy grounds, under a marquee providing shade, was a group of students sitting in a circle.

They were our class mates.

It felt like something supernatural. That calling I had, that yearning I had to go and join them.

So join I did.

We talked. Introduced ourselves to one another like some Alcoholics Anonymous group.

Well, to eachother, we were anonymous.

But after an hour, we were friends.

Yesterday we were six, sitting on the grass and talking.

Today we are thirty, sitting on the grass and laughing.

Laughing hard.

A roar that reached the sky and turned heads.

Everyone was curious. Who is this large group of freshmen talking and laughing so freely?

They are Mass Communication first semester.

They are Thirty.


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