Insecurities Galore

So much talent.

So much feeling.

So much passion.

My fellow writers have written rants and odes and soliloquies with such perfection, such magnificence.

I have come upon many Pakistani bloggers, and reading their words catapulted me into a whirlwind of emotions.

I am happy, that my fellow countrymen have so much talent.

I am awed, that we have so many talented writers.

I am proud, of them and of the magic they weave with their word.

But, I am also envious.

I am scared.

I feel like a complete and utter imbecile when I see post upon post upon post of words of wisdom. When I see archives full of photos and drawings and beautiful poetry.

Then I look upon myself and I think;

I am no one. I am not special. My words are one of many. They are worthless.

My archive is not as full as it should be. My posts do not entertain.

My rants are lengthy and petty.

My views do not strike the gut as important.

They will never affect the world as I want them to.

I must up my game.

I must become better and better until I can be proud of myself.

Until I can boast, I write. What do you do?


6 thoughts on “Insecurities Galore

  1. Awwww…I get the same feelings at times..but I think every body is unique in their own way.
    You stand where no one else does and vice versa.
    Be proud of your work. (because I am of yours! )
    Good luck with the future. You are doing great!

  2. i used to feel the same way. Still do. Even though i’m one of the top fashion bloggers, i still feel i have a long way to go.

    You see, once we start comparing ourselves to others, usually the ones better than us, we damage our self worth by our own hands. What i would suggest you do is k know you have a skill. Realize you’re not better than others. But also know that you can polish it. Just don’t let the image of others let you feel low. I have learnt over time that even the top ones have their insecurities. Just work on your self image, your self worth. Polish your skill. Keep learning. Do a lot of reading. A lot of it. Pick up bits and pieces from here and there and use them to better you.



    and good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice!

      But if I start reading more than I already do, I’m afraid my eyes will become sightless, seriously…

      And well recently I had put up my blog’s link on the university Facebook page and all my peers and teachers left wonderful comments and a couple of my professors even complimented me in class. So you see that left me on a high horse.

      I don’t know how to ride, so I fell.

      Now all I can do is get back up, dust myself off, and get back on my horse, albeit a normal-sized one!

      I hope that made sense to you!

      Once again, thanks for taking the time to leave that thoughful comment -x

  3. alienorajt says:

    Comparing yourself to others is natural, Raiha; I do it all the time – and I am FOREVER doing myself down, telling myself that I am a talentless nobody. I can assure you that you DO have talent – bags of it! I say this both as an English teacher and a fellow writer. Your posts are amongst the best I read on here. That is why I keep coming back! Ali xxx

    • You have no idea how much that means to me Ali! Getting praise from a published author, English teacher and mature woman like yourself has literally made my day!

      Thankyou Ali! Even if for nothing or no one else, I will definitely keep writing for YOU! -x

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