Eid-ul-Azha – Bloody Awesome!

Many foreigners are bloody horrified at some of the bloody ‘inhumane practices’ of us the Muslims.

They take our bloody simple, logical traditions and turn it into some kind of sensational bloody drama.

You must be thinking, why the bloody hell is this girl using the word ‘bloody’ so much.

Well it’s because I’m bloody tired of all the fuss some Westerners make of our holy festival, Eid-ul-Azha.

Here’s what people think we do: Split animals’ throats and slosh around in rivers of its blood while cackling madly and brandishing around butchering-knives and goat guts.

Here’s what we actually do: Have a butcher ceremoniously slaughter an animal we had bought specially with our own money. Then we divide the meat into three portions, one for distributing amongst the poor, one for our relatives, and one for ourselves. Then, we have a bloody barbecue!

We Muslims say Allah’s name and slit the animal’s, usually a goat’s, throat. It’s jugular vein, to be precise. A quick and painless death. The animal is then hung up in a way that it’s blood is drained (like Jewish kosher meat, it’s a religious law of Islam as well, that all our livestock is butchered this way. Science has also proven it’s healthier and there has been an increase in the number of non-Muslims who have started frequenting Halal food outlets). It’s then skinned, gutted and prepared.

And then, we do the unthinkable…

We eat it.

We cook it and we bloody eat the meat.

Can someone, anyone, tell me what’s inhumane about this process?

The fact that we do this as a ceremony once a year, all the Muslims as a whole?

Or is it the fact that people just like to make a mountain out of a bloody mole-hill?

The sacrifice just teaches us, well, sacrifice, sharing, charity and respect for animals (our religion is very strict on animal rights)!

It gives us a reason to dress up and meet people.

It gives us a reason to have amazing barbecues.

And yet Western media shows it as a bloodbath!

I can assure you, it’s not a bloody bloodbath.

It’s bloody awesome!


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