I Can Feel It In My Bones

There runs a chill down my spine

Shake like leaves shoulders mine

There shoots a tingle from my fingertips

And to my toes it dips

There blows a breeze through my hair

Prick like prey’s my ears aware

I look above

I look below

I look around

I ask

Where the spirit does reside,

That one that plays tricks on my mind?

Answers a whisper;

Look inside you

I whimper;

I must find you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I make my debut back into the wonderful world of WordPress with a lame attempt at poetry.

Inspiration has struck me.

As usual in the form of a song…

“I’m waking up,
I can feel it in my bones;
enough to make my system blow,
Welcome to the New Age
To the New Age”

I look forward to finally dragging myself out of this idle oblivion and write, write, write!



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