Her Back Story

My eyes are wide open.

My ears are ringing.

My mouth is pressed into a line.

I cannot speak.

I cannot think.

All I can do is count my blessings.

When people you thought you knew, tell you their deepest, darkest secrets, you yourself fall into a dismal ravine of shock and awe.

The girl who smiles all the time. The boy who talks a lot. The woman you see playing with her children everyday. The man who smokes under your office window.

You know them. They are your friends, your colleagues, your mentors.

But the truth is that you think you know them.

I thought I knew a person who has now become very close to me.

And yet her back story left me speechless, enraged, enlightened and melancholy.

After hearing that sad tale of betrayal, depression and suicide, I sat down and thanked God.

I said to Him that even though I haven’t talked to You in a while, I am eternally grateful to the strength You have given me. To the determination You have given me. To the family You have given me. To the friends You have given me.

To the life You have given me.

Now all I can do in return for all those blessings is be there for the person who was not as lucky as me.

To be her strength, to be her family and to be her friend.

I will be her saviour.


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