Crossing Borders, Resolving Prejudices and Writing Essays!

Crossing Borders And Resolving Prejudices.

I must write a personal statement. An essay about myself. My strengths and my weaknesses. My goals and ambitions.

It sounded simple enough, just 250 words about myself.

But, it is something I have been stuck at for the past 10 days.

Does that mean I do not know anything about my own self?

Do any of us really do?


4 thoughts on “Crossing Borders, Resolving Prejudices and Writing Essays!

  1. I have been in that ship, and trust me when I say this-it is not easy! When you actually have to sit down with a pen and paper (or a laptop, given the technological whizz kids we are) and think about what you want to tell the person or body in question about yourself, it is bloody difficult.

    However, it is something that must be done, and I wish you all the luck!

    • Thank you Zara, for the encouraging words. And also for making me feel better that not only I am having or have had, this problem!

      I certainly wish it was as easy as sending them my blog link as a personal essay!

  2. alienorajt says:

    I would struggle with this, Raiha: the very thought makes me feel very anxious!

    Best of luck! I am sure you’ll do a grand job! xxx

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