I Am Pakistani


Violence that I was not a witness of, but violence which has sparked another onslaught of protests in my country.

For those who do not know about the sects people have made in Islam, I will tell you, there are many. They are pitted against eachother due to the minute differences in their faith. But the two sects which exist in majority, the Shiyas and the Sunnis, have been at loggerheads for as long as anyone can remember.

The recent scenario in my city of Rawalpindi is responsible for the start of a series of killings. A bloodbath has ensued due to the stupidity of one ignorant ‘scholar’.

In the view of this tragedy and others before it, I want the world to know that at this time I am not a Sunni. I am not even fit to be called a Muslim. But there is one thing I am. There is one thing my Shia brethren are. There is one thing my Christian brethren are.

We are all Pakistani.

We were all born on this land and we will all be buried under the dirt of this land.

I condemn the Sunnis killing the Shiaas, I condemn the Shiaas killing the Sunnis. I condemn the Jihadists killing my Christian brothers and sisters.

I am Pakistani.

They are Pakistani.

We at Foundation University, condemn sectarianism and firmly believe that we are one!

One nation!

One Pakistan!

A dire time for all Pakistanis to unite…


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