My Treasure Trove Of Two

All my life, I had been looking for the perfect friends. It was a dream, a dream I thought could never come true. Although I have had my share of good friends in school, I did not know true companionship until I met the Athos and Porthos to my Aramis.

Over the last couple of days I have come to know that they are exactly like me in some things but so different in others. The result of that is a friendship so strong that I feel unstoppable when I am with them.

With a single look, with a single gesture, with a single wink, we can say things worth a hundred words, tell tales worth a whole novel and share feelings that are usually left unspoken.

My best friend, who is still my D’Artagnan, may be feeling a little threatened, but there are just some things a guy can’t understand.

For that I have my musketeers.

Everyone was asking me why I seemed so happy. I am so because I’m content. My life is everything I hoped it to be at this time.

My friends are bringing out the best in me. I have become less aggressive, more confident. They are urging me to write and to finish my novel. We have joined societies and are looking to volunteer.

In turn, I believe that I too, am having a positive effect on their lives. We have so much to teach each other. In our society of submissive, air-headed girls and women, I am ecstatic to find two people so like me that I cannot help but smile all the time.

We are radicals, we are confident, outspoken women. We do not tolerate pettiness and spite or anyone who tries to crush our spirit. Our support system has grown into one that even lifelong friends strive for, we are something else all together.

We are the three musketeers.

All for one, one for all.


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