Status: A-Okay

I am fine! Awesome. Completely okay. I had a minor bout of stomach flu last week, but now it’s all good.

Yes I’ve been having a lot of arguments lately but honestly, when am I not arguing?

My semester finals are almost at an end. Just one more to go. And there’s a photography display on Thursday that I’m quite tense about.

The USEFP people have apparently come out of hibernation and are sending automated e-mails saying that they’ve received our applications.

I haven’t got one.


I was quite tense about that as well. Until I stalked a couple of pages on Facebook and came to know that we should ‘expect to hear more this winter’. Oh and I had my friend talk to her friend who is a UGrad Alumnus to confirm what I already knew deep down. Now all is good on that front.

I had a haircut. And I had a red statement streak put in my hair. Got a lot of odd looks on that. I’m proud of my hair for achieving such scandalous reviews. My dad liked it and surprisingly my mom didn’t give a nasty comment but instead actually smiled on my new look. Woohoo!

There’s a huge row going on between me and my sister. Our egos are clashing.

There’s a concert on 31st. One of Pakistan’s best rock bands, Qayaas, is performing in Islamabad. And I’ve got permission to go with my friends, as long as I figure out the ‘logistics’ myself!

I have resolved to learn to drive as soon as possible. I will be utilizing my semester break for that.

I must confess, rather shamefully, that I have not returned a novel back to the library on its due date. In fact, I haven’t even started reading it.

I also confess that I have not written, read or drew anything over the past three weeks. My creative mind is in slumber.

I have only fought my laziness to write this post thanks to Alienora‘s comment which reminded me that I am somewhat part of a literary world that I’ve been neglecting.

Thank you Ali, for pulling me out of the dreary void I had fallen into!


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