As Pride Runs Through My Veins

On 21st January 2014, I wake up ealry with the intention to revise for my major exam, Introduction to Mass Communication.

As is the rite of every teenager, I lie in bed bleary eyed and switch on my cell’s WiFi to scroll through the social sites.

A Facebook page has posted a ‘meme’. I am ecstatic at the news it points to. But I am also skeptical.

Rough translation of second frame: Look who's coming!

Rough translation of second frame: Look who’s coming!

My exam is in the afternoon, so I decide to switch on the TV.

Radio silence.

The vast number of privately owned media channels are mum. They are only sensationalizing mundane news items. Even the 9 o’clock bulletin has no mention of what my brave fighters have done in Mir Ali, North Waziristan, in the silence of the night and the pure light of dawn.

Not losing hope, I Google the news. “Air strike on terrorists”, “PAF strike on NW” and such related queries yield no result at 0930 or 0945.

At 10, I strike gold. Al-Jazeera, Reuters our local Dawn News has finally reported the news.

I post proof on Facebook ASAP...

I post proof on Facebook ASAP…

Pakistani bomber jets have annihilated known Taliban hideouts in North Waziristan.

By doing that they have effectively broken the ‘pact’ made with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan elders in 2007, that the Pakistan Army or Air Force will not bomb terrorist hideouts from then on (in return for what favor, I have no idea!).

PAF shoved that pact right up those extremist’s arse, adding in a few missiles for a bright, dazzling effect that left those bastards reeling and us Pakstanis feeling, finally, hopeful!

This is where I feel so proud of my Air Force, as does my father, a former Wing Commander of the PAF…

They, the TTP,  think that they can outright kill  and blow up our soldiers, our officials, our women and children and that we will not retaliate? Well, unfortunately for them, there are still some upstanding elements in our country!

And they have bombs!


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