Gratefulness – An Analysis

Executed in a typical college assignment format…


My father, ever the philosopher, starts different ‘happiness’ campaigns around the house from time to time. This time, he posted a paper saying ‘I am grateful for…’ in our living room.

It was a little offensive as it suggested that we were not thankful to dad and others. But still some one or other did make some additions to it.

I however, have decided to numerate here some (slightly mundane) things my family members have done for me over the past few weeks, just because I want to tell myself that I am grateful for even the smallest pf things!

Things my niece (age 23 months) did for me:

  1. Made me smile.
  2. Made me laugh.
  3. Shared her candy.
  4. Hugged me.
  5. Bit me on the cheek (it’s her way of a kiss).

Things my sister-in-law did for me:

  1. Made me breakfast numerous times during the holidays.
  2. Brings me my fresh laundry every day.
  3. Sorted out my clothes and cleaned my closet for me. That was probably to make me ashamed, but still…
  4. Makes lunch everyday

Things my sister  did for me:

  1. Made me tea numerous times.
  2. Possibly made me a sandwich when I came back from college. It was either her or my sister-in-law!
  3. Helps me find freelance work because she has contacts.
  4. Is having a trouser specially tailored for me.
  5. Is very patient with the mess I make in our shared room.

Things my other sister did for me:

  1. Brought me ice cream.
  2. Gives me pocket money.
  3. Takes me shopping.

Things my brother did for me:

  1. Picked me up and dropped me without complain several times.
  2. Helped dad find and buy a laptop for me.
  3. On my demand had an awesome custom sticker skin printed for me for said laptop.
  4. Possibly remembered my favorite color (purple) because he selected that instead of pink for the laptop’s edging.

Thinks my oldest sister did for me:

Fucked up my family life and ruined our trust for eachother 3 years ago.

Things my mom did for me:

  1. Gave all of us money from the inheritance she just got from her brothers.
  2. Made me Parathas even though she wasn’t talking to me.
  3. Fought with me.
  4. Ruined my self-confidence.
  5. Isn’t talking to me since one week.
  6. Said she is only ‘tolerating’ me until I fuck off somewhere.

Things my dad did for me:

  1. Bought me a new laptop.
  2. Is going to buy me a new smartphone soon.
  3. Bought me new headphones.
  4. In my whole life he has done uncountable things for me; he used to dress me for school when I was a child, before going to work himself. He taught me the Namaz and Wuzu. He tutored me. He took care of me, and still does, when I’m sick.
  5. Makes me breakfast every morning and has been doing that for the last 8-9 years.
  6. Is at the gate seeing me off for college still.


I have a lot to be grateful for. And a little to be mad about. I am not ungrateful. I am a spoiled brat. I don’t get along with my mother. I have stopped censoring the word ‘fuck’ into fudge or duck.

And I fucking feel great!


4 thoughts on “Gratefulness – An Analysis

  1. Don’t know whether to hug or high-five you, sister. Maybe both? Either way, loved this post!
    Finding our own voice, accepting the good and the bad things that have affected our lives, and finding the strength to move on through both is power indeed.
    Thank you for sharing! xx

    • Thank you for your lovely words. And here’s a virtual high-five for you! Hugs and I, unfortunately, have a very awkward relationship. Whenever we try to work together, I end up embarrassing myself!

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