Pretty Little Things

Imagine a showroom. A car showroom. You want to buy a high end sports vehicle. A Ferrari or a Bugatti. Or maybe a Lamborghini. You have a large budget in which to do so. You don’t have a specific make and model in mind. You just have a few requirements that need to be fulfilled.

One, it should be pretty. Shiny. Streamlined.

Two, it should be fast.

Three, it should bend to your will. Just a slight pressure on the accelerator and it should shoot across the highway like a rocket.

So you visit showroom after showroom. You take up the salesperson’s time. The ones that are pretty enough, you take  for a test drive. At the end, you leave behind a hopeful salesperson with a comment like ‘I’ll definitely think of buying this one and come back’.

You never go back.

Because you have found a much prettier, much faster car elsewhere, leaving , in your wake, a number of melancholy salespersons. The rejected car’s feeling won’t be taken into considerations because, let’s face it, it’s just an inanimate thing!

Now, read the above where you are a Pakistani guy and his family looking for a suitable match and so visiting girls’ homes, having tea and ‘looking’. The car is the girl. The salespeople, the desperate parents of the girl. The budget is the social standing of the hunter family. The showroom is the house of the prey family (should be large, clean, comfortable).


Yes this is an actual, common ‘girl-shopping’ practice in Pakistan.

PS: The test drive of the car is where the family gets to know the girl better (not the other thing you’re thinking). This only happens if she passes the physical appearance exam. She is only ‘considered’ worthy enough for a test drive if she’s shiny enough and streamlined enough!


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