Be A Detective…

…the best words a teacher has ever said to me.

Our dynamic Journalistic Writing teacher has been teaching us the characteristics of a good journalist and the basics of writing a news story.

After each of her lectures, I feel more confident in the fact that I have chosen the best career path for myself.

It all began with the Hardy Boys. Their adventures fascinated me to a point where I read around two full novels everyday. I was twelve at the time.

So started my obsession with being a detective.

I moved on to the works of the great Agatha Christie. Of the 66 mystery novels she published, I have read around 40, sourcing them from everywhere from my school library to old book banks and footpath stalls.

I have watched countless seasons of CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and every other crime series mainstream TV channels have to offer. I am now on the sixth season of the popular show Castle.

Even though the love for crime is still there, the rose colored glasses fell from my eyes and broke around four years ago.

I came to know the reality of detectives in Pakistan. In simple words, there aren’t any detectives in Pakistan!

Which lead to swapping my Agatha Christies with John Grishams. But since the ignorance of childhood had successfully worn off and I was aware of the ugly truth of the justice system in my country, my dream to be a lawyer did not last long.

And then, Stieg Larsson, a journalist himself,  lands in my life on a dragon, with hornets flying around his head!

That was that. I was going to be a journalist. It had the perfect mixture of mystery, intrigue, arguments and opportunities.

And this ‘be a detective’ phrase just made me love it all the more!


One thought on “Be A Detective…

  1. Oh my, THE HARDY BOYS ! You won’t believe after how many years I even read or heard that name ! I was in love with those books, I had almost hundreds of them. I shared the same love of being a detective , but it was shattered for the same reasons as you ! 😦

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