Looking At Myself : My TV Debut

According to the Daily Mail, the average British woman looks in the mirror up to 71 times a day.

I myself, being a woman, although non-British, look in the mirror about, I would say, 20 times a day. That is not counting the number of side-view mirrors of cars and any other reflective surface in my path where I just have to take a peek at my unruly hair and usually askew glasses.

But the ultimate ‘looking at myself’ moment came when I, in all my overweight glory, witnessed myself on TV.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to my wonderful sisters’ links in the media industry, I was part of a one-hour youth talk-show on the topic ‘forgiveness’.

My daily readers will know my views on this particularly cringe-worthy (for me) topic, so imagine how I managed to give diplomatic answers to the host for 45 minutes straight.

Keeping the topic issue aside, it was a moment of complete reflection when I saw myself as others saw me. On national television. Let’s just say that I have a lot of things to work upon.

On the other hand, it was a successful show all-in-all. The host liked my answers. I was expressing my radical point-of-view in a diplomatic manner and if I say so myself, I speak well. Thankfully the show was in English, or (as my siblings often make fun of me) I would have said words like Arrmaree and Ookhbar.

It was aired on our internationally broadcasted public TV channel PTV World.

Between me, my sisters and a pair of guys my age who were participating as well, it was a good show on such a dry topic.

Two things I learned that will really help me in any such future experiences are one, I should have a pair of prescription contact lenses made and two, I should wear clothes my own size. I had to take off my glasses as they glared a lot on camera. And due to my half-blind state and even more blinding studio lights, I was, for lack of a better word, blind as I did the show. And my slouchy clothes meant there was no shape whatsoever to my body!

As soon as the video is uploaded, I will be sharing the link here if some of my readers would like to really look at me at listen to me rambling on and on about how “I don’t forgive easily” and people “have to work for it!”


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