What Do You Want To Talk About?

It’s so very hard to find a suitable conversational partner nowadays. Especially for people like me. People who don’t really fit into the mold of the perfect girl of the society.

Girls my age in Pakistan have a few select topics they like to converse upon. These topics include weddings, boys, fashion, weddings, clothes, marriages, physical flaws, affairs and did I mention weddings?

While they will be wistfully daydreaming of finding the perfect man, the perfect wedding dress, and the perfect venue to hold their perfect weddings, I would be thinking of finding ways to earn money, end illiteracy in Pakistan and make myself known for good things worldwide.

While their lives revolve around being the perfect wife and the perfect daughter-in-law, my life revolves around learning to be a better person and become a successful, powerful career woman.

While they will be thinking of plans to battle with and handle their future evil sister-in-laws, I will be thinking of ways to battle with extremists and corrupt politicians.

Do they not see what’s going on around them? While we are sitting in our van coming home from the university, do they not see the young boy who should be in school, pumping air into the wheels of our bus? Do they not see the young woman, who should be in college like us, sweeping the stairs of their homes? Do they not realize how corrupt politicians are eating our country from the inside?

Are they really naive enough to think that all is well outside their little bubble of romance and all things glamorous?

Don’t get me wrong, I, being a woman myself, do think about finding the perfect guy who will be there for me and help me achieve my dreams. But people, I’m nineteen! I have my family for love and support. I don’t need a knight in shining armor to save me from the mundaneness of my life because my life is not mundane!

Coming back to where this rant started from, I am completely depressed with the fact that the young women of Pakistan, the majority that is, are inside this ostentatious castle of glass viewing everything from their thrones of superficiality.

The men aren’t any better either. Many 18-25 year old guys only discuss who has the prettiest girlfriend, the best phone or the fastest car.

I’m not about no play and all work, but I believe that there should be a limit to your ignorance. Everyone wants to unwind with gossips and think up fairytales, but what about reality? Boys gain a few scores here as they are much more aware of current affairs and other issues than girls.

Right now, I am sitting in the living room with a middle-aged lady next to me who is my sister’s colleague. As the topics flow from childcare to fashion to what is ‘best’ for a woman, I find myself losing patience second by second.

That is why I opened my laptop and started blogging. It looks rude. But I was just about to go into an argument with said lady on the merits of short hair while she argued that women should have long hair. So it was better to delve into my own world rather than trying to tolerate hers.

Only a minimal percentage of women in Pakistan will know of the NSA, of the Crimea fiasco going on, of Putin vs. Obama (scratch that nobody will know who Putin is in the first place), of the Freemasons, of Austen, of Dante, of Wollstonecraft, of who Mandela was and what he did, of DaVinci or of  MichelAngelo, of will and of power, of faith or of spirituality.

I am lucky that I have found two friends who are not a part of this hoard of future ideal housewives.

In the end it is I who feel as if I don’t belong. And so, as I am on my daily commute, I quietly take out my headphones, slip them on and listen to Nickelback sing about unity.



5 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Talk About?

  1. Bravo. You give me hope… You can check my blogs and what I am involved in thru loveless.com and then lifewall.org which is something I am working on now. Do not give in…..

  2. Not just in Pakistan, my dear… they are EVERYWHERE… You are lucky to have found two like minded souls. In a world where the I is all, such gems are hard to find. Hold on to them! 😀 xx

    • Well I feel even more hopeless now! And thank you for that advice, I’ll be sure to let my friends know that whatever happens, they have no option other than to stick by my side anyway 😀

  3. Hang in there. There are many more people like you – people who think, and care about injustice. If you continue to be yourself, you will find kindred spirits. Maybe together you can change things. That the only way it ever happens.

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