99 Luftballoons

We were sitting in our living room as the film Watchmen was playing in the background. A snippet of a song caught my ear (an expression I have made up and like to use often). I just heard my brother mumble that it was a song “99 Luftballoons” by a  band called Nena.

After I finally found the song, I realized it was in German. I also listened to the English version, 99 Red Balloons and fell in love with the lyrics and the music at first listen (another weird expression, but it gets the meaning across, doesn’t it?)

The song is about nuclear war, and hauntingly beautiful while being playful at the same time.

Still, the German version is, in my opinion, more wondrous than the English one.

This song, and the fact that education is free in Germany  (one of the most prosperous countries in the world) and that they offer a lot of scholarships to international students IF they know German, is the reason I am going to learn the German language sometime in the future!


3 thoughts on “99 Luftballoons

  1. Loved that song… (some of us actually heard it when it was first released… no really!) 🙂 Don’t forget that such scholarships are available in UK too… and your English is better than most born here! 😉

    • Oh wow! I think my brother was around during that time too 😀 And well Elk, I have family in the UK. In every corner of the UK is someone I know and really don’t like. So I’ve always been reluctant to go there, especially when my mom says: You don’t even need accommodation you can stay at your Aunt’s/Uncle’s/Sister’s place! 😛 And my sister works and studies at Leeds University, one of the unis I wanted to apply to. I mean I don’t want to leave Pakistan to get stuck in another Pakistan :/

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