Customize My Plump Behind!

Dear WordPress,

You claim you are customizable. Really now? I can’t change one tiny thing on a pre-made theme without a) paying $$$ or b) learning things like CSS and HTML (do I look like a coder?)

Now while searching for themes, when I check “free” and “custom font”  you should give me some free themes with a couple of free fonts. Is my definition of free different from your free? Because I do not want to buy a damn custom design upgrade for 30 dollars because I do not have spare 30 dollars. Neither do I want to pay you every year because I want a purple themed blog!

And to add salt to my wounds, you let me customize a theme and save it and then… nothing happens! Darn you, WordPress, darn you to the deepest pit of blogging hell.

You, WordPress, are not a good ‘host’. I want an open bar with free nonalcoholic malts and free hors d’oeuvres. Maybe then I wouldn’t want to slap the darn party invitation to blog on your site on your face.

Yours sincerely (pissed off),



3 thoughts on “Customize My Plump Behind!

  1. alienorajt says:

    ‘Tis the season for rants, Raiha, and yours is a bloody good one! I quite agree – and am almost tempted to leap out of my Blogging silence to back you up on my own Blogging Weapon of Mad Old Bagdom! xxx

  2. lol Now, you do realise, if Ali’s search term rants are anything to go by, this post is going to have a significant number of hits… 😉
    I tried tweaking, and am most impressed by Ali’s zero to hero success, but finally gave it up as impossible. Good luck! 😀

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