The Hibernating Grizzly

In response to the Daily Prompt 

I have never had to hit snooze on the alarm. In fact, I always wake up 2-5 minutes before my alarm goes off. Still, this does not make me an early bird. Because I am usually cranky in the morning. Also, my sleepy mind does not wake up before 10 am.

On the other hand, I am not a night owl either. I get drowned in a wave of sleepiness at around 10:30 pm. If, by some miracle, I stay awake during this time and do not go to sleep, I can stay up for hours afterwards.

I have noticed that my creative ideas have no schedule. I do not have any scheduled revelation in the early mornings or at the witching hour. Neither does my mind buzz with energy at night.

My schedule consists of longer periods of uptimes and downtimes. It seems as if my mind does not believe in hours. It believes in days and weeks. In one half of the cycle I am upbeat, bright and quick-thinking, no matter what the time of day it is. In the other half of the cycle I am sluggish and dull; morning, noon and night.

Hence I have come to the conclusion that my mind and spirit have some traits of a bear. We hibernate, then we wake up and hunt and terrorize humans, and then we lumber into our cave and hibernate again!


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