My Significant Other

In response to the Daily Prompt

Before I could push on the door with my elbow again, it was yanked open from the inside. I was flabbergasted, because a perfect (to me) specimen of male had stopped barely an inch away, just short of slamming into me.

I couldn’t help but scan him from top to bottom, the squiggling creature my arms were full of, forgotten.

His eyes were the first thing that drew me to him, his warm brown eyes.

Then, he smiled. And I melted.

My hold loosened and the kitten I had just brought from the pet shop leapt from my arms. I dove after it without thinking, only to lose my balance and fall down upon the palm of my hands. I felt strong hands grab my shoulders from behind and straighten me up.

Then, he spoke. And I went to Heaven. His deep voice reached the core of my being as he asked me if I was okay. His brow was furrowed in concern in the cutest way, and I was speechless; an affliction that barely affected me.

I finally answered him that I was fine, looking up at him because he was so tall. His shiny chocolate hair, cropped short at the sides, flopped on his forehead. Those soft looking hair were the fourth thing that drew me to him.

And the foremost, was his countenance. His straight posture, the aura of confidence he exuded. I was also partial to the dark jeans, black Tee and black leather jacket he wore. And his warm gentle hands, still on my shoulders, were enough to convince that this was the man I was going to spend my life with. The image of his full smile wouldn’t leave my head.

He wasn’t overly handsome, but he had my heart in his hands. I had a feeling he was a dork underneath all the leather, and I decided right there and then, that I was going to spend the rest of my life trying to find out if that was true.

I blesses the little furball I had just bought, as my future husband asked if I needed help finding my kitten. I gave him a bright smile and inside, I rejoiced that I had finally found love!

New Politics front-man David Boyd.  I don't think I've ever done anything as cheesy or teen-like as this!

New Politics front-man David Boyd. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything as cheesy or teen-like as this!

Sorry people, the above is a work of fiction and daydreams. I don’t have a significant other. And David Boyd (the current love of my life) does not live in my apartment building. In fact, he lives on the other side of the earth. I was in the mood to pwn you all. *Gives an evil smile*. I’m not always serious, sometimes I’m on a high from stalking my crush all day long. I AM a teenager after all!



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