Imperative Catharsis

This blog no longer chronicled the life of an average Pakistani teen. In fact, I realized that it never actually did. This blog is my psychoanalyst and my psychotherapist, and has been for three years.

I had lost the will to write for so many months, which resulted in me breaking down not once, not twice, but thrice in the previous week. The littlest amount of stress, that the start of college gave me, multiplied into tenfold when I did not have an output for my angst.

My blog is, simply, a platform for catharsis.

Thus it will be known henceforth as such.


5 thoughts on “Imperative Catharsis

  1. I use this blog for Catharsis too most of the time, as we pakistani girls don’t have an access to a place where we can go and scream out loud, so we HAVE to write it all down. Keep doing that, I gives me peace, it sure will give you too.

    • Ah yes… It’s a common dilemma for us. How I wish I could go somewhere quiet, alone, and walk around, stomp and scream. I have realized that this blog and this process of catharsis is an important part of my life that cannot be ignored or forgotten. It may not bring me peace, but it does save me from grief.

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