I have grown up more in the past one year, then I ever had in the previous eighteen. And unfortunately for me, growing up has been synonymous with losing faith in humanity and becoming an overall pessimist.

Leaving school was like popping out of a huge soap bubble with flexible, pleasant smelling, rainbow-colored walls.

Entering college was like entering a new world, a better world. Everything was awe-inspiring, everything was flawless.

Until, a few months later, the rose colored glasses fell off and fell to the ground near my feet. I, in my blind haste to achieve new experiences, accidently stepped on them. They got crushed in a million little glass shards that glittered underneath my feet. From there, things kept deteriorating day by day until life became a mundane mess.

The final blow to my still somewhat cheery worldview took place on Tuesday the 14th of October.

It was an overcast rainy day, the kind I like the most.

Class ended at 9:50 and we, I and 6 others, sat and stood around a bench under a shade; discussing a mock business meeting that is taking place on Monday. Being the managers of a fictional company, we were discussing various policies when I distractedly placed my bag on the bench and sat down next to it to note down some points.

Around 11, when I decided to check my phone, I opened my bag’s front pocket and discovered that it was missing. Panic ensued. Calls were made frantically to my number by my friends, only to find the number switched off. CCTV camera footage was requested and viewed over and again. My family was informed.

It was indeed proven, that my LG Nexus 4, something I had bought after much research and saving up, had been stolen.

I have my hunch as to who took it, but I can not do anything without proof. Having the IMEI number and enough contacts in telecom companies and various intelligence departments, my father and brother are confident that the phone will be found soon.

I am not that concerned about the phone itself, or its contents; I regularly upload data to Google Drive and had my contacts synced with GMail. I remotely wiped the device using Android Device Manager and set up a password lock screen on it.

What I am concerned about is the principle. Why, in an educational institution, will a relatively well-to-do person resort to stealing?

Meanwhile, I am back to using my old HTC Desire S with the cracked screen. And everytime I pick up this phone, I think of the person who stole my well-earned property, and I again promise myself that I will find the culprit. Soon.

That person, whomsoever he/she is, decided to steal the wrong person’s cell phone.

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14 thoughts on “Theft

  1. Atherz097 says:

    Aww, I would be questioning that as well, why someone would steal a phone.. in college. Things like that ruin my faith in people as well, because… well, it’s not reasonable to me. Just doesn’t compute.

    • I know right… I was under the (very false) assumption that since I haven’t been raised to lie, cheat and steal, so’s everyone else! My friends sat me down and told me I’m naive and too trusting. Now I’ve turned paranoid! It’ll take a while to get back that “faith in humanity”.

      • Atherz097 says:

        Hehe, yes, it’s a struggle to balance between trust and absolutely no trust whatsoever. Usually they would’ve had a reason to take your phone, though. Have you done anything so far to try and get it back?

      • Oh yeah. Had the SIM card tracked the day it got stolen, it was still on college premises but I couldn’t DO anything about it, short of body-researching every student! Then I had it tracked through the IMEI number. But the phone is still switched off and hasn’t had a new SIM card yet. So as soon as the phone gets connected to a new number, I’ll know.

        Other than that I’ve viewed the CCTV footage of the classroom etc. No luck there, since the place I was sitting at after class had no coverage šŸ˜¦

      • Atherz097 says:

        Woah, now that’s quite the issue. It’s like I’m watching an episode of some crime show. The SIM Card gets tracked to the area its in, not the absolute location? No way of remotely activating its GPS? How about searching through all of the people that were in the room at the time?

      • I know I felt like I was in an episode of CSI as well!

        Yeah it gets tracked to the longitude and latitude. GPS gets activated automatically when we send the IMEI number a signal while we are tracking it. But here’s the catch: The GPS receiver in a phone is the SIM card or Wireless. The phone needs to be in a network of some sort to communicate with the satellite. Like a switched-off phone or a phone in Airplane mode can’t be located by GPS.

        So yeah. I did use Android Device Manager to remotely wipe the phone, but unfortunately I wasn’t online at the exact time the phone came online or I could have got it’s location when Google activated its GPS through the WiFI network.

        Whew. That’s a lot of tech stuff!

      • Atherz097 says:

        Hah, it’s fine with me. Seems like you know exactly what you’re doing, if you ask me. So since you wiped the phone, then it no longer uses the network carrier that you signed up for?

        Sounds like you’re trying to find an invisible brick šŸ˜€

      • Had to block the SIM card as well, so you’re right about the network carrier thing. So yeah it IS liking finding an invisible brick, for now. BUT one day that brick is going to be visible enough when some poor schmuck decides to buy a stolen phone because it’s cheap. That’s when crap will hit the fan *evil smile*

      • LOL I don’t think I will. I didn’t buy A SINGLE extra thing like you know, cool clothes and stuff, this summer so I could save up and buy the damn thing!

      • Atherz097 says:

        Aww, oh yeah you’re gonna go through the world to get that thing back. Hope it wasn’t too expensive, though. o_o

      • I bought it off OLX (if you know what that is) for Rs. 24,000 which, right now, is about 230 USD. So not iPhone expensive, but still expensive for someone who gets 40 USD pocket money per month!

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