Here is another photo from my portfolio. I wanted to share this not because it’s a very exceptional picture, but because of its resemblance to this very exceptional picture.

Jean-Daniel’s photographs have really captured my interest and his blog is now one of my favorite photo-blogs.

His picture of the same specie of tree is much more striking. Mine is pixelated because of my camera, but it was the similarity of the frame that made me want to share this.

The same type of tree, the almost-same composition of the photograph, from two very different individuals from opposite sides of the world.

Anyone who wants to enjoy exquisite, serene and artful nature photographs must visit his blog right here!

Just a tree...

Just a tree…


4 thoughts on “Nature

  1. This is beautiful. I like the perspective that draws me upward. I went to the link you shared and thought the photo was a lovely contrast of red and blue. Yours is equally nice with its vivid green against the blue sky. Thank you for bringing beauty to my day.

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