I have something for nature photos taken against the sun. The sun peeking out looks wicked cool. It gives such an abstract feel; ordinary trees and leaves turn into patterns and resemble one of my black marker drawings.

Again, I wish I had a DSLR, then these photos would have been really cool.

Hill and Leaves

Hill and Leaves

Hill Through Trees

Sun Through Trees

Sun Through Leaves

Sun Through Leaves


3 thoughts on “Silhouettes

    • Bilal, it is actually a play on how artists named their paintings, particularly the Greats. Van Gogh’s painting of a starry night is known as “Starry Night”. Another, by Caravaggio, is named “Basket of Fruit”. It is a still-life of a basket of fruit. Sometimes, explaining the obvious has a charm of its own!

      If you were not enlightened then, I hope you are now 🙂

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