An Amateur Writer

In response to the Daily Prompt

Almost three years ago, when my father bought me my first ever smart phone, I downloaded an app called Wattpad. And as, thanks to Wattpad, I delved farther and farther into the wonderful world of amateur writing, I became obsessed.

Since I was going through my supernatural phase, I too decided to write a novel. If I say so myself, it did have a unique storyline. My peers appreciated it a lot. But alas I could not fight with my problem of procrastination and was only able to finish 6 chapters.

I did write a blurb for it. I am copying it here word for word. As I look back on it, I realize my own immaturity. And I am awed at the extent of mental and literal growth I have undergone from that time to now.

“It hurt, it hurt a lot. The rope, burning my wrists, and the knife pressed against my throat. But I refused to back down, I fought and struggled against the perverted man, summoning the courage and bravery I felt in times like these. It was almost like a separate entity residing inside me, the instinct of survival and protecting oneself. I bucked my body and threw him off, his knife clattering to the ground, his back hit the opposite wall of the ramshackle cottage where I was squatting. The dumb man didn’t even know how to tie a proper knot, I slipped my hands free. The resulting abrasions didn’t matter; I was used to pain. I picked up my bundle, which sadly held all my worldly possessions, and ran like the wind, lest that sleazy excuse of a man should wake up.

Usually a fantasy story starts when the protagonist is scared and confused as to the origin of their powers or their strength.

But I knew where mine came from, I am a Vampyr’s daughter.

And my mission is to find my father.”

Yes well… I’m embarrassed by it. But I thought I’ll share it anyway. I might even post those chapters here as well!

Books Are Love

Ah books… The wonderful, whimsical world of words. What would have happened to me if I hadn’t read my first novel, the first of the Harry Potter books, at age eight? If I wouldn’t have started going through my father’s extensive collection of books at a rapid pace? If I hadn’t read my first Sidney Sheldon at age ten (diabolical, no)? Would I be doing what I’m doing right now? Would I have been an extrovert if I hadn’t always had my nose buried in a book? These are questions that no one, not even the Sorting Hat or the well from Scherazade’s tales, can answer.

But why dwell on the past, when I have my whole future ahead of me to devour many more books? Unfortunately, it’s because I’m at a standstill. I have read books ranging from murder mysteries, to thrillers, to autobiographies, to amateur novels yet to be published! Now, I have absolutely no idea on what to read next. The latest Dan Brown, and old Fitzgerald, or one of the many inspirational works on Steve Jobs?

This is where I require the help of my fellow bloggers, who must be word worms, like myself. Attached is a short questionnaire that will help me tremendously to widen my literary horizons. Take a few minutes to help a fellow book worm?

What Should Raiha Read Next?