The kingdom of …

The kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you.
Not in a mansion of wood and stone.
Split a piece of wood and God is there.
Lift a stone and you will find God.

While listening to the glam-rock/metal band Black Veil Brides, I came across Exordium, the words are stated above.

After careful research on these words, I came to know that they were first said in the 1999 horror film Stigmata. And they were taken from various parts of the Gospel of Thomas.

Uttering these words in Pakistan will just be an invite of religious backlash.

I, however, stick to this concept, no matter what the ramifications.

I do believe the Ka’aaba is an important structure. It is a religious symbol for all Muslims to converge upon. And it is the centre of our world. But terming it as as the ‘House of God’ is foolishness.

Everything is the house of Allah. He resides in everything, from a water molecule, to the spirit of a human being. The universe is the house of God.

One cannot understandably worship the universe. A symbolic house of God is necessary, but we must always remeber, God’s throne is in our hearts.

His touch is evident in every flower, every leaf.

His wrath is shown when the world burns. When men kill men. When women are abused. When children die from chemical weapons.

His forgiveness is seen when new life is born, innocent, untouched, pure.

With every child that emerges from his mother’s womb, He gives human-kind another chance.

Why do we not take it?


The Matrix Quote

“It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity.”

Says Merovingian “The Frenchman”, the computer-program villain in the Matrix Revolutions. Althought I’m not a fan of the Matrix film franchise, this little speech Merovingian gives to Trinity, instantly caught my eye, or shall I say, my ears.

Merovingian sneers at the leather-clad Trinity when she implies that she is ready to die for saviour-of-all Neo, stating that she is insane for doing so.

Is dying, the ultimate sacrifice, for a loved one a show of dedication, or simple foolishness?