The Plan Is In Motion

Fate is being kind to me. The plan God has made for me is finally gaining momentum. 24th February is a big day. If I rock on that day, my life will change for the better.

Please send some positive juju this way, I shall be obliged. And if I succeed, I shall tell you all where I will be at this time sometime next year. To all my American friends, it will be somewhere close to you!

May the Force be with *me*!

Cosmic Fame

In response to the Daily Prompt of 12/04/14…

Photo: A digital speed-painting by the wonderful Naiha.

There are children who dream of becoming President, and then there are 20-somethings who still dream of becoming President.

I have always been taught to aim for the highest. As they say, aim for the Moon and you will fall among the stars.

My aim is not even the Moon, but the Sun, in all its burning glory.

My claim to fame is that I will one day become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, because the President has no power in our system. That is my Sun. I may get burnt along the way, but I will still try my best to harness the power and energy of that golden ball of fire

If I fail to reach the Sun and crash-land on the Moon instead, I will rise to fame as a successful writer. I will win the Pulitzer and many other awards and spend my time splattering pages (computer screens) with my vivid imagination.

And if, due to some misfortune I fall among the stars, I will be an outstanding journalist in Pakistan and rise to fame when many will come to me for opinion and coverage. I may not become world-famous, but I will definitely be reaching for the brightest of stars.

If the universe fails me completely and I come hurtling back to Earth from my unsuccessful journey to the Sun, I will travel across oceans, if need be, and stand atop the highest mountain.

No matter where in the cosmos my future takes me, I will come out on top.

And my name will be known to many, if not all.


Yet To Wake Up

Remember that dream I mentioned in my earlier post? The one where I was on cloud nine and I was so excited to go to university? Well, I still haven’t woken up!

The dream is soft. Like those you have where you smile in your sleep. You wiggle. You snuggle your comforter closer around you, sigh happily, and continue dreaming the dream.

That is the dream I am part of nowadays.

Although at the beginning I wasn’t that happy. The dream did start off as a nightmare. Not of ghosts behind the curtains or monsters under my bed, but of disappointment. Complete disappointment. Hopelessness. That I couldn’t go to the university I wanted to go to.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t go to that gray, serious,¬†‘proper’ university.

Now, I am at the unversity I needed to go to

Now I get to sit on the grass with amazing new people and talk.

Now I get to study from wonderful teachers with radical views. Views that seem are taken from my own mind. They aren’t from that common mould of boring professors. They’re fun, lively, and excellent teachers!

This smaller university is so much better. The teachers are better, the staff is better, the students are better. The environment is like in any Western university, where students, regardless of their gender, are sitting together on the grass and on the stairs, studying, talking, people-watching, laughing.


The sound of laughter is resonant around the grounds and in the corridors. It makes me happy. It makes my heart swell with joy.

Even the seniors daring us to sing and provide¬†‘entertainment’ for them was not disheartening. It was all in good fun.

The lecture our teacher gave us on Pakistan Studies today was magical, biting, truthful. There was a moment when I had tears in my eyes.

I have made new friends. Five excellent new friends.

We are all eccentric, whimsical characters. We are all unique.

We have the resident mystery-man. The slightly over-aged yet experienced professional. Who is here to study for the sake of studying.

We have a Radio Jockey among us. Who started her RJ-ing when she was only 16.

We have a looks-like-a-little-boy-next-door friendly guy. I have yet to know him well.

We have a very able take-charge girl as well. Serious. Studious.

Lastly we have me. I cannot explain myself as I have explained my new-found friends. They are the ones who must describe me.

I, myself, do not know what I am.

But if there’s one thing I do know, it is that I’m happy!