Katniss Playlist


Can I just say how awesome these songs are? How awesome Hunger Games is? How awesome its soundtrack is? I REQUEST ALL INTROVERTS TO LISTEN. Because I’m pretty sure we all like the same music. Or not. Maybe. Let’s see?


The Garden Of My Dreams… And Nightmares

The lights twinkled like stars. They were strewn everywhere, over bushes and trees and strung across the courtyard high above my head. The smell of roses permeated through the lush garden, tickling my nose with the most delightful aroma. As I walked farther into the garden, I took off my shoes to feel nature unhindered. The cobbled path massaged my feet better than a thousand dollar machine and I sighed in contentment. I let my fingertips brush the tops of the jasmine bushes that lined the path. The chirps of the crickets and other night creatures became louder and louder as I ventured deeper and deeper into the garden. I could smell the fragrance of the jasmine as well, and I couldn’t resist plucking a tiny bud to fix in my hair. I could feel a smile on my face as I skipped along the delightful flowers.

It was then that exquisite music started floating through the air and reached my ears, sending me into heavenly bliss. Piano; my favorite. The gentle notes rose in a crescendo of frenzied passion, and with the music, I rose as well. My mind; at peace. My heart; beating fast. My soul; singing in perfect harmony to the music. I realized that I had ventured off the path and stopped; my toes curled in the plush grass, my arms, riddled with goosebumps, motionless by my side and my eyes closed in rapture.

And then, the mysterious  music stopped as abruptly as it had begun. I jolted awake from my abandoned state of euphoria and my feet started moving on their own. Forward, they took me, deeper into the garden, as my head was filled with only a single thought, that I must find the source  of the music, that I must know who played so angelically and I must know why they had stopped.

I squared my shoulders in determination as I rushed through the garden, its beauty forgotten as I focused only on finding the origin of the notes that had so enraptured me. With the music, it seemed as if my nocturnal friends had also stopped singing their song, resulting in a deathly silence. The previously charming fairy lights seemed to cast long shadows on the ground. The roses looked garish in the eerie glow as  the lights flickered above my head.

I panicked.

Terrified, I ran and soon became lost in a waist length maze of thorny bushes. They seemed to enclose upon me, and I tried to keep my beautiful dress from tearing into shreds. Finally, scratched and petrified, I stumbled into a clearing. There was a lantern hung in the centre of the clearing, and below it, bathed in yellow light, sat an ebony black grand piano, as quiet and still as those who lie in crypts. The stool in front of it lay empty, and as I cautiously walked to it, what I saw, and heard, made my heart stop for a second.

Phantom hands had started playing the piano, this time in a haunting otherworldly tone, the notes rising and falling with my ragged breath, as I kept staring at the keys being pressed down as if by their own accord.

This time, when the tune hit its crescendo, I felt my eyes roll into the back of head, as I fell and fell and fell.

I lay among the roses, the lights twinkling above me, as, from my tilted viewpoint I saw a glow appear around the piano stool. Before I could distinguish the shining figure that had materialized on the chair, I felt my eyes close as I slept … and slept … and slept.

The para was written (actually hand-written, which is seldom for me) by me as practice for my English class. We are doing descriptive and narrative paragraphs, and I guess this is both. English teachers, comment!

My Significant Other

In response to the Daily Prompt

Before I could push on the door with my elbow again, it was yanked open from the inside. I was flabbergasted, because a perfect (to me) specimen of male had stopped barely an inch away, just short of slamming into me.

I couldn’t help but scan him from top to bottom, the squiggling creature my arms were full of, forgotten.

His eyes were the first thing that drew me to him, his warm brown eyes.

Then, he smiled. And I melted.

My hold loosened and the kitten I had just brought from the pet shop leapt from my arms. I dove after it without thinking, only to lose my balance and fall down upon the palm of my hands. I felt strong hands grab my shoulders from behind and straighten me up.

Then, he spoke. And I went to Heaven. His deep voice reached the core of my being as he asked me if I was okay. His brow was furrowed in concern in the cutest way, and I was speechless; an affliction that barely affected me.

I finally answered him that I was fine, looking up at him because he was so tall. His shiny chocolate hair, cropped short at the sides, flopped on his forehead. Those soft looking hair were the fourth thing that drew me to him.

And the foremost, was his countenance. His straight posture, the aura of confidence he exuded. I was also partial to the dark jeans, black Tee and black leather jacket he wore. And his warm gentle hands, still on my shoulders, were enough to convince that this was the man I was going to spend my life with. The image of his full smile wouldn’t leave my head.

He wasn’t overly handsome, but he had my heart in his hands. I had a feeling he was a dork underneath all the leather, and I decided right there and then, that I was going to spend the rest of my life trying to find out if that was true.

I blesses the little furball I had just bought, as my future husband asked if I needed help finding my kitten. I gave him a bright smile and inside, I rejoiced that I had finally found love!

New Politics front-man David Boyd.  I don't think I've ever done anything as cheesy or teen-like as this!

New Politics front-man David Boyd. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything as cheesy or teen-like as this!

Sorry people, the above is a work of fiction and daydreams. I don’t have a significant other. And David Boyd (the current love of my life) does not live in my apartment building. In fact, he lives on the other side of the earth. I was in the mood to pwn you all. *Gives an evil smile*. I’m not always serious, sometimes I’m on a high from stalking my crush all day long. I AM a teenager after all!


Tween Metal Chick

In response to the Daily Prompt

I’m nineteen, and my playlist contains songs from Alternative Rock bands to Glam Metal bands. The top five songs nowadays are from Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, New Politics and Nickelback.

I was thirteen, and my playlist contained songs from metal/Alt.Rock band Evanescence.

I have never liked pop. It’s too… fun. You know, all light and bright and cutesy and mainstream.

I was introduced to Evanescence when I was twelve by my then-25 year old-rock-fan brother. I heard the song “Bring me to Life” playing in his car and fell in love. Then my friend Urooj presented me with that life-changing CD. Read the full story and my obsession with Evanescence here.

Amy Lee was my teenage idol. When I reactivated my Facebook account after a couple of years in 2011, I reminisced over the many Amy Lee pictures I used to post. Her voice, her dresses and her goth style were my favorite things during those years. I had a poster of her on my wall. I made drawings inspired by Ev’s songs. My playlist had all 23 songs of The Open Door and Fallen, Evanescence’s best-selling albums. Along with those I did have some mainstream pop songs in my list, like Katy Perry and Rihanna, for whenever I felt brave enough to venture out in the brightness of love ballads and happiness.

My sisters always used to ask why I listened to the ‘noise’ that is metal. People never understand the feeling rock music gives you.

The loud electric guitar puts you in an isolated world of your own. A bubble of sound, that is your own to ponder in. The beat  of the drum makes your body moves on its own. The words flow from the vocalists mouth in a flurry of passion and emotion. They scream, they shout, just because they want to, just because they can. The lyrics, oh the lyrics. Poetry. About life, about staying strong, about holding your head high, about unity, about being different. Thought provoking words coming one after the other accompanied by amazing guitar solos that leaves one mesmerized by the skill and precision in the fingers of the guitarist.

I have not heard an Evanescence song in about 4 years. But still sometimes I find myself humming to Going Under or My Immortal, and I can hear Amy Lee’s hauntingly beautiful voice in my ears as if I’m surrounded by Dolby speakers. It is then I am reminded of what a prodigy I was and somewhat am, while all my peers chattered about One Direction and Justin Beiber, I sat in a corner listening to Linkin Park on repeat.

99 Luftballoons

We were sitting in our living room as the film Watchmen was playing in the background. A snippet of a song caught my ear (an expression I have made up and like to use often). I just heard my brother mumble that it was a song “99 Luftballoons” by a  band called Nena.

After I finally found the song, I realized it was in German. I also listened to the English version, 99 Red Balloons and fell in love with the lyrics and the music at first listen (another weird expression, but it gets the meaning across, doesn’t it?)

The song is about nuclear war, and hauntingly beautiful while being playful at the same time.

Still, the German version is, in my opinion, more wondrous than the English one.

This song, and the fact that education is free in Germany  (one of the most prosperous countries in the world) and that they offer a lot of scholarships to international students IF they know German, is the reason I am going to learn the German language sometime in the future!