Breathe Raiha Breathe!

It’s seems as if I’m floating in some kind of dream world.

It’s perfect, exciting, adventurous.

I have new clothes. I have a new very expensive, black, bag. I have many new colorful (pink, black, red, purple) notebooks. I have a cool dark pink and black file folder. And I have a dark pink and black pencil-case full of lots of new pens and pencils.

My dad was making fun of me that you’re over prepared for university. That this isn’t school anymore. All you need is a pen and a notepad. But what can I say, I’m a weird mixture between nerd, class president and queen bee. I need to be prepared. I want to take notes and do that while being fashionable and color-coordinated!

I left a very prestigious university behind and opted for this relatively unknown, smaller one. The reason: finances and logistics.

I do not want my dad to give 1,19000 PKR (approximately 1135 USD and 719 GBP) for just the first semester (there are 8 semesters in total) only so I can quote a name and get Oooos and Aaaas from silly society ladies. Add in an extra 30,000 PKR per semester for transport charges, since that university is very very far. Urban campus, my foot!

That’s why I let go of ‘the name’ and chose this university instead. It’s run by the Fauji Foundation, the business/welfare section of Pakistan Army. It’s up and coming, the teachers are good, it’s nearby and it’s affordable!

I am a little sad though. That I got selected in that one but left it for this one.

And that’s why I made up for the melancholy by shopping! And preparing. And hounding my seniors in the same university to give me tips and tricks to avoid ragging etc. And researching like crazy about my course subjects and stuff.

My orientation is tomorrow, and I’m finally on cloud nine. I can’t wait to live a life of freedom and friends.

Although I do have to work very hard if I want to go abroad for my Masters degree. That is a decision still in the making! To leave and never come back? Like many other Pakistanis. Or to stay and do something good for my country? My original plan. Now my excitement is waning and I’m getting disheartened by the corruption prevalent in every single aspect of Pakistan.

Back to my university obsession; I have even revised the admission prospectus! I know the names of all the Administration people, the Rector, Director, Student Affairs Officer etc.

Now all I have to do is iron my clothes, again. Set out accessories. Clean shoes. Check my bag, again. Check accessories once more. Put a few funky badges on my bag. Iron a few more creases, again. Take a shower, condition hair. Check my nail varnish, again. In the morning I’ll take another shower. Check my bag, again. Probably iron my shirt once more. Dust my shoes, again.

God. I have OCDWGC. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder When Going to College.

I’m going to go now and check whether I’ve put post-it notes in my pencil-case. Again.