Here is another photo from my portfolio. I wanted to share this not because it’s a very exceptional picture, but because of its resemblance to this very exceptional picture.

Jean-Daniel’s photographs have really captured my interest and his blog is now one of my favorite photo-blogs.

His picture of the same specie of tree is much more striking. Mine is pixelated because of my camera, but it was the similarity of the frame that made me want to share this.

The same type of tree, the almost-same composition of the photograph, from two very different individuals from opposite sides of the world.

Anyone who wants to enjoy exquisite, serene and artful nature photographs must visit his blog right here!

Just a tree...

Just a tree…



The Weekly Photo Challenge (of a few weeks ago) encouraged us to find textures in unlikely places around us. This is the texture of a tree bark in a local park. The photo was taken using the “Macro” mode of my Sony DigiCam.




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Impersonating Monet


I rather like this one…

A photograph taken by deliberately jumping up and down (at the correct speed and angle) like a lunatic, to give the look of one of Monet’s paintings. Minor digital processing has been done to this version of the photo. Thankfully, no one was around in a public park at 11 am on a cold weekday morning, or I would have been a sure spectacle. What do we not do for the sake of art? No matter how mediocre the result may be…