What Is College?

  • College is when your arms ache every day due to carrying notebooks, a laptop, a camera and a tripod, among other things.
  • College is when all your sandals break in a few months because of overuse.
  • College is when you have epic tan lines due to gallivanting in the sun.
  • College is when you sleep during the evening and wake up at night to work.
  • College is when you’r always looking for internships and/or jobs and/or freelance work.
  • College is where you want to be in the spotlight.
  • College is when you’re broke.
  • College is when your hair seldom leaves a bun or a ponytail.
  • College is where you always look like a hobo.
  • College is when you forget what makeup was.
  • College is when people compliment you on losing weight but you never had any intention to do so.
  • College is when you forget to eat and sleep.
  • College is where your ears are always pricked like a hound to catch someone gossiping about you.
  • College is where you feel like a (used) tissue paper.
  • College is where there is is seldom any concept of friends.
  • College is your name in a written complaint.
  • College is arguments with all kinds of people.
  • College is evil teachers.
  • College is when a teacher compliments you in front of the Head of Department and you get to know about it from another teacher.
  • College is when teachers feel proud to call you their student.
  • College is crazy projects.
  • College is going out in the city for a project without any vehicle and hitchhiking your way back home somehow.
  • College is your parents’ support and trust.
  • College is an adventure.

I will keep adding more whenever I feel like it…

A collage I made from the bits and pieces I accumulated over the past couple of years. From the old registration card in the top left corner to murdering teachers to random scraps of writings and doodles, everything holds a memory!

A collage I made from the bits and pieces I accumulated over the past couple of years. From the old registration card in the top left corner to murdering teachers to random scraps of writings and doodles, everything holds a memory!


My Other Blog!

Here is a link to my other blog “Media Mavens” co-authored by me and my closest college friend Rabiya. We set up this blog as the final project of our Print Media course. It was pretty challenging for other students to navigate WordPress but we had a great advantage thanks to my previous blog-y adventures. HuiHuiHui!

At Media Mavens, we share our news stories, features and columns, along with original photographs and short videos. Please join us at Media Mavens here!

We have decided to keep MM active throughout our remaining college years and maybe even afterwards. It will grow and become cooler with time just as we do ourselves!

The Plan Is In Motion

Fate is being kind to me. The plan God has made for me is finally gaining momentum. 24th February is a big day. If I rock on that day, my life will change for the better.

Please send some positive juju this way, I shall be obliged. And if I succeed, I shall tell you all where I will be at this time sometime next year. To all my American friends, it will be somewhere close to you!

May the Force be with *me*!

Turf Wars

So it’s semester break for a whole lot of days, and I’m just here being a potato. I eat (potatoes), watch TV, play games and sleep. I’m just existing. My sister bought a crapload of chocolates from the Dubai Duty-Free last week, which is nice. A never-ending supply of chocs and semester break; woot.

Anywho, I like to cook. I’m also a good cook. I don’t like following recipes and just go with what’s available. I always end up with yummy things, which is cool if I say so myself. However, one thing I’ve figured out, after a lot of experience, mind you, is that it’s only fun to cook when there’s someone else to clean up the kitchen afterwards.

There is also another problem with my creative cooking endeavors. The Momzilla. The kitchen is my mother’s territory. Even now, after she ‘retired’ from cooking (by her own will), letting my sister-in-law take over that post, she is the Supreme Queen of the Stoves.

She’s always just there in the kitchen. She isn’t cooking, or cleaning, or whatever. She just stands in the middle and oversees her minions doing the work while dropping in some useful “instructions”. These oh-so-helpful instructions usually insinuate that I am doing everything wrong occasional taunts about what I’m doing. “Hold the sieve like this”, “Use less water, it’s a waste”, “Why do you put in the salt in pinches? Just fill the spoon and throw it in”, “Peel the potatoes with a knife, not the peeler.” Mother, it is a potato peeler, used to peel potatoes quickly, why should i not use it to peel the potatoes? Yeesh. 

Once I asked her what exactly was she doing in the kitchen, to which she replied in a an offended way that she was here to drink water and that I can’t stop her from drinking water. She then filled the glass to the brim and stood there, sipping, while her eyes followed my every move. Well played, mother, well played.

In her eyes, the kitchen is still her territory, and we are just the hired hands doing her work. She oversees us like a plantation owner would his slaves in pre-Civil War America. (Okay, I admit I’m overreacting but I just saw 12 Years a Slave again)

My sister-in-law is now used to mother’s territorial traits. I, however, get annoyed very easily. Just today I was straining the pasta while the sauce was bubbling on the stove, when she came over and stood at my elbow and started rushing me saying the sauce would burn if I take so long. I knew the sauce wasn’t even close to burning yet, so I firmly told her that she was not needed in the kitchen. To which she replied that she was just waiting for the leftovers to finish re-heating in the microwave.

Okay mother, you win.

Next time I cook, I’ll use that magical instrument of ignorance known as earphones.


I have something for nature photos taken against the sun. The sun peeking out looks wicked cool. It gives such an abstract feel; ordinary trees and leaves turn into patterns and resemble one of my black marker drawings.

Again, I wish I had a DSLR, then these photos would have been really cool.

Hill and Leaves

Hill and Leaves

Hill Through Trees

Sun Through Trees

Sun Through Leaves

Sun Through Leaves